ACE Services becomes the face of Duncan Aviation in the UK

ACE Services becomes the face of Duncan Aviation in the UK

July 6, 2001:

Duncan Aviation has become the first client of UK start-up, Aviation Consultancy and Engineering Services Ltd (ACE Services). The deal was completed at the BGAD01 show, held in mid-June at Marshall Aerospace’s Cambridge facility.

ACE managing director Ahmed Gul-Mohamed said: “As of today, ACE Services is the UK representative for Duncan Aviation. Customers now have a direct contact for the full range of services, which Duncan Aviation has to offer. This is our first major contract, which encompasses both companies’ services and products, like spares procurement at competitive prices.”

Duncan Aviation’s Tony Gilbert added: “ACE Services has been created by someone who used to be a very good customer of ours. Duncan Aviation needed someone in the UK to market its products and services full-time and that person’s reputation was our main priority. Ahmed is the right man for the job.

“The UK is a very important market for us as there are a considerable number of aircraft here.”

The idea of the new company, says Ahmed, is to provide flexibility by providing satellite services to support business aviation needs under one umbrella. He said: “At present, business aviation customers either have their own engineers or use the services of maintenance companies. For an engineer to have to go to and provide the complete support at the airfield is not ideal. The idea of ACE Services is to bring flexibility to customers by bridging that gap whatever the aircraft logistics or location.

“In terms of engineering, I’m focusing on all trades with avionics in particular. In this technological era, all our aeroplanes are becoming very sophisticated. Our idea is to get an avionics specialist on the field or available to advise, thus reducing downtime which is critical for business aviation.”

Following ACE Services’ first contract sign-up, Ahmed says he is confident that others will follow.

He explained: “We will support any business aviation customers, whether it’s for consultancy, management, sales or engineering purposes.

“We are open to mainstream companies and operators/owners, and expect to be receiving business from both.”

The company says it is particularly targeting clients who operate Learjets, Hawkers, Falcons, Challengers and Gulfstreams.

ACE Services is based in central London with the express purpose of covering all the major airports and airfields in and around London. In the near future, the company is looking at having a presence in Singapore and Australia and longer term, will be hoping to expand further into Europe.

Duncan Aviation has 24 representatives worldwide, including one in Switzerland, Italy and Spain respectively.