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We pride ourselves on being a unique and competitive market provider within the Aviation industry. ACE Services has been in operation since 2001, providing both a friendly and reputable service throughout the business aviation sector.

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Here at ACE Services, we pride ourselves on being a unique and competitive market provider within the Aviation industry. ACE Services has been in operation since 2001, providing both a friendly and reputable service throughout the business aviation sector.

With our sound knowledge and highly experience based team, ACE Services is able to provide Continuing Airworthiness solutions that meet your current requirements. We provide a strong link offering a structured interface between the Aircraft Operator, the Part-145 Maintenance Organisation and the Aviation Regulatory Authority.

Continuing Airworthiness Management can be carried out independently under our CAMO approval or through sub-contracted services for AOC holders. Our highly skilled and qualified staff use approved continued airworthiness management software to ensure a high level of service to our customers against highly competitive rates.

Please feel free to approach us to discuss your aircraft or CAMO requirements against our extensive UK CAA Approval Schedule and include your aircraft fleet under our CAMO Management.


Our UK CAA Approvals are extensive. We are fully approved CAMO Part M Sub Part G and have recently applied for the New Part CAMO where we are awaiting approval. We can also perform annual ARC’s (Airworthiness Review Certificates) under our UK CAA Sub Part I Approval and soon Part CAMO Approval. As well as assist in the process of obtaining Permit to Fly from your National Aviation Regulatory Authority.

Whether your aircraft is UK (G Reg), EASA, US (N Reg), Isle of Man (M Reg), Guernsey (2 Reg), Jersey (ZJ Reg) or San Marino (T7 Reg), we can look after your aircraft maintenance management. For Non UK Registered aircraft, we will obtain CAMO approval from your National Authority Regulator upon your request.

Our AMM team will be there to serve you by tracking your maintenance and ensuring that you are compliant, airworthy and safe from take-off to touchdown.

If your aircraft is not listed we can still help by seeking Type Approval. We can set up your exposition and tailor make it to your operation, set up your maintenance programme tailor made for your aircraft type. Get it all approved by your National Authority and get your Certificate of Airworthiness issued.

All Piston Engine Aircraft (metal structure) below 5700kg including Beech & Cessna – Part ML aircraft included

Aeroplane Type Class A2 (Below 5700kg):

  • Beech King Air 90, Beech 99, Beech 100, Beech B100, Beech 200, Beech 390
  • Cessna 425, Cessna 441, Cessna 500, Cessna 501, Cessna 510, Cessna 525, Cessna 525A, Cessna 551
  • Reims F406
  • Socata TBM 700, TBM 850
  • Lear 23
  • Embraer Phenom 100
  • Avions Pierre Robin DR400/180

Aeroplane Type Class A1 (Above 5700 kg):

  • Cessna Citation – Cessna 525B, Cessna 525C, Cessna 550, Cessna 560, Cessna 560XL, Cessna 650, Cessna 680, Cessna 750
  • Beech – Beech 300, Beech 400, Beech 1900, Beech 4000
  • BAe125 Hawker – BAe 125-600, BAe 125-700, Hawker 750, BAe 125-800, BAe 125-800XP, Hawker 850XP, Hawker 900XP, Hawker 1000
  • BAe – Jetstream 1/2, Jetstream 200, Jetstream 31/32, Jetstream 41
  • Dassault – Falcon 10, Falcon 100, Falcon 20, Falcon 200, Falcon 2000, Falcon 2000EX, Falcon 50, Falcon 50EX, Falcon 7X, Falcon 900, Falcon 900EX   
  • Gulfstream – Astra 1125, Astra 1125 SB, Astra 1125 SPX
  • Gulfstream G100, Gulfstream G150, Gulfstream G200, Gulfstream G250
  • Gulfstream G1159 – Gulfstream GI, Gulfstream GII, Gulfstream GIII
  • Gulfstream GIV G300, Gulfstream GIV G350, Gulfstream GIV, Gulfstream GIV SP, Gulfstream G400, Gulfstream GIV G450
  • Gulfstream GV, Gulfstream G500, Gulfstream G550, Gulfstream G650
  • Bombardier Global 5000, Bombardier Global Express, Bombardier Global Express XRS
  • Bombardier – Challenger 300, Challenger CL600, Challenger CL601, Challenger CL601-1A, Challenger CL601-3A, Challenger CL601-3R, Challenger CL604, Challenger CL605, Challenger 850ER
  • Bombardier Learjet – Learjet 24, Learjet 25, Learjet 31, Learjet 35, Learjet 36, Learjet 40, Learjet 45, Learjet 55, Learjet 60, Learjet 70, Learjet 75
  • Embraer Phenom 300, Embraer Legacy 600, Embraer Legacy 650

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