Aircraft Export & Import

As part of our comprehensive expertise, our AMM department will assist Owners/Operators in transferring from one registration to another by managing the whole process of obtaining a C of A from the country of import following the issuance of a C of A for Export.

The aircraft Phase-In/Phase-Out process is managed through an Aircraft Survey both physical health and condition of the aircraft and its Recording system. The assessment of whether the aircraft meets the requirements for the C of A of the importing country which includes a full review of the AD/MOD status, STC’s, Repairs, Current Airworthiness status, aircraft Airworthiness and Operational requirements mandates by the operating National Authority Regulator can be daunting and as such our AMM department will manage the whole process and ensure a hassle free and smooth transition with minimum downtime.

We will work with any Regulatory Authority that the aircraft is being re-registered to or any Regulator Representative including FAA DAR & follow their requirements or checklists.