Airworthiness Review and Aircraft Survey

Our AMM team can review your records and issue an Airworthiness Certificate annually if you remain in a controlled environment or recommend an Issue of a Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) if you operate outside a controlled environment.

An Aircraft Survey for the recommendation of a C of A be it in a Controlled or Uncontrolled environment or for the purpose of a Pre-buy will involve a time consuming period reviewing the Physical Condition of the aircraft as well as the Aircraft Records to determine Aircraft Compliance against an Approved Type Design, Maintenance Schedule as well as repairs and modification as stipulated by the Regulatory Authority Requirements.

Our comprehensive knowledge of different Regulatory Requirements surpassed with our engineering expertise allows us to offer our services to aircraft types beyond our diverse approval. We will extend our approval to match your needs no matter what type of aircraft you fly or which Authority regulates your flying.